Being a Volunteer

Where Do I Fit?

At Divine Equine, we have an opportunity for everyone who is willing to give of their time and talent. So, take your time, look around, and get to know a little bit on what you can do for your community.

Its About!

Just showing up!

Our Riders need you, so they can learn!

Without you they can't ride.

Exceeding all Expectations


Helping to make a difference in our riders lives

Being the one behind the scenes!


None of this is possible without your time and dedications to helping others

Just a little FYI


Why Volunteer?

 As a volunteer at Divine Equine Therapeutic Riding Center you will help ensure the safety of our riders and come away with an entirely unique experience.  Volunteering at our facility offers you an opportunity to become involved in your community and meet some amazingly strong people who have often times overcome some incredible adversities. 


Generate excitement

Making new friends and loving on some horses! Can be so rewarding.


A Positive Roll

Everyone needs a role model, Helping our riders is a major roll here.  Helps build confidence and strength!

Volunteer Opportunities

Horse Leaders


The Main Responsibility is to control the horse durning grooming and lesson.  It is the leader who must help in guiding, stopping  and starting without making the rider feel that he or she is simply a passenger


  • Must be 14 years of age or older
  • Attend hands on training!
  • Able to walk and or jog durning the lesson 
  • Knowldege of Animal Anatomy, 
  • Basic first aid of a horses
  • Fundmental Riding ability!

Side Walkers


The Primary Responsiblity of a side walker is to maintain constant safety awareness, wihile providing physical and motivational support to the rider in and out of the arena.

Help Rider: with grooming, tacking, mounting and riding


  • Must be 14 years of age or older
  • Able to walk briskly in sand for 15-20 minutes
  • able to jog intermittenly for short periods of time
  • Attend hands on training!
  • Some horse knowledge would be helpful (not mandatory)

Barn Maintenance


This Job consist of helping clean and organized.

Clean Stalls, Waterers, Paddocks, TackRoom and all areas in and round barn.


  • Must be 14 to work without guardian present.
  • Be willing to attend annual meetings
  • No known allergys to hay and dust.
  • Willingness to work as a team

Office Administration/Website Wrangler


Paper Jockey /General Office knowlege. Photo shop, create and update webpage.


  •  Word
  • Excel
  • Filing
  • Emailing 
  • Phone calling
  • Scheduling
  • Flexible hours                                1 to 3 hours a week

Chuck Wagon Team / Divine Keeper


If you like togather with common folk,  Meeting new people, Love to seek finacial and voluneer support for Divine Equine in the community, Organize Training events, Love to party, no your way around Cookouts!


  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of set up and excutions
  • Help locate food for events
  • Find Donations



Willing to work on special projects for general maintencance purposes.


  • Knowledge of equipment uses
  • General maintenance
  • Fence repair and up keep
  • Landscaping

Volunteer Video

Check out this great video

Download Signature Packet

Please  Print out signature packet and bring with you to training.